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Each week Stephen and David deconstruct what made an empire successful. Each episode of the empire builders podcast takes you back to the beginning when they were little companies with big goals and shows you their decisions that took them from mom and pop to crazy big empires.

Stephen believes you have to study what companies and business owners did when they were your size.

Hearing these motivational stories each week will help keep you focused on your big future. The best thing is they are short. Typically the episodes are 15 to 20 mins in length. Stephen believes in delivering the core story and the takeaway lesson and not just filling the air.

Our goal is to become one of the top entrepreneurial podcasts. You can help us by subscribing and listening on your favorite podcasting app.  Ask questions on our Facebook page, LinkedIn page, or by sending them to

The Latest


#056: Oldsmobile – launched the car industry by outsourcing, creating spinoffs like Dodge

They named the band REO Speedwagon from the REO Speed Wagon, a 1915 truck that Ransom Eli Olds designed. Doughty had seen the name written across …

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Time To Get Crazy

Have you noticed, when a new business is taking an industry by storm; more times than not, this upstart is led by a “nutty” outsider? …

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#055: Uncle Nearest – Story trumps almost everything

For Fawn Weaver the story of Uncle Nearest needed to be told. Learn how Fawn, with no distilling background, turned this story into one of …

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