Time To Get Crazy

Have you noticed, when a new business is taking an industry by storm; more times than not, this upstart is led by a “nutty” outsider? This outsider does not follow industry norms and in fact they often do something that is considered “crazy”. Not best practices: CRAZY. There is a temptation to dismiss these crazy …

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How To Win

Winning requires leadership. To win, you need to think differently.  What most people do is hang out with people in their industry, read their industry magazine and chase the industry leaders.  They ask, “what are the successful people in my industry doing” and do that.  Hello, that is following.  That is the very definition of …

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Be The One

​In every industry there are a few “seemingly” blessed businesses that have all the customers they can handle… and then some. Customers line up to buy from them, often waiting months until they can be serviced. So strong is the customers desire that they will wait and wait—and pay top dollar—even though other sellers are …

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